Privacy Policy

At VidProposals, our decision-making factors in the users' privacy. We provide a service that changes the way we communicate. We are very serious about how our users pass sensitive information through our systems.

Where does my data go within VidProposals?

Text-based Data

Your text-based data is likely to comprise information like your name, notifications, password, linked accounts, video names, comments, transcripts, and so on. An encrypted database stores the majority of this data while it is at rest or in transit.

Encryption is a process where data is scrambled with a specific secret that only a select few have. If this data is stolen, it cannot be understood unless the stealer has the secret.

At rest is when your data is physically being stored on a device (usually a server).

In-transit is when your data is being sent from one location to another (usually one server/computer to another).Only privileged servers (such as our backend application servers) have access to this data. Some of this encrypted data is cached. It is also encrypted at rest at a caching layer.

Cache Layer is a group of servers that uses faster storage to be able to retrieve it faster. This layer is also not accessible between data centres within Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS is the cloud provider we use at VidProposals that allows us to rent storage and compute capacity from their data centres.

Image and Video Data

This includes your avatars, videos and thumbnails. These files are stored on S3 buckets, only to be accessed by certain robots and engineers within our organisation who have special access.

To speed up the delivery of your videos to your computer, we use a system of CDNs to deliver your video content, which uses the signed URLs. A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of computers worldwide whose purpose is to store data as close as possible to the downloader to speed up media delivery.This is especially helpful when password protecting videos. An additional benefit to signed URLs is that they expire, so old links will not be usable after some time, and you will then need to be issued a new one to access the same content.

Where does my data go outside of VidProposals?

We only send data to trusted third-party systems that are subject to strict privacy and security controls. We consider it necessary to understand what these systems are and why we send your data to these systems. If you don't agree, please email us at If you do not agree with your data going to a specific system, you can delete your account, and that will permanently delete all of your data from all our systems. You might need an administrator's permission to do so if your workspace gave you access in the first place.

For folks to figure out GDPR compliance, the following third-party services act as data processors for us. When we work with these service providers in our capacity as a data processor for our customers' data, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) calls these third-party service providers a sub-processor. A sub processor is a third party data processor that VidProposals engages. This sub processor may have access to or process personal data: (i) on behalf of VidProposals customers; (ii) per customer instructions as communicated by VidProposals; and (iii) under the terms of a written contract between VidProposals and the sub processor.

Located in the United States, is a customer support service.

It is a messaging and marketing platform that allows us to do customer success better. This is where you're able to chat with us from that little bubble in the bottom-right of our web pages. has drastically increased our ability to address bugs and handle requests from our users when we primarily used email. Once you've created an account, we know who you are, and we use this information for various debugging purposes and send you product updates and announcements.


Located in the United States, TruConversion is a product analytics service.

It is used to enable us to look at session replays. A session replay is a recreation of your session interactions on our site. We take measures to utilise the TruConversion controls to exclude and block all input field values and any property on our site where sensitive user information can be entered. We only run TruConversion for a limited period to collect a statistically significant number of sessions to learn and improve our product. Usually, this happens when we've just released a new product or are considering improving an existing product.

Our company's ability to survive largely depends on our ability to get our users to sign up and quickly understand how they can use VidProposals to help them with their job best. Since we can't run user interviews with hundreds of thousands of users, TruConversion allows us to understand user behaviour for users who drop off or become upset. This ensures the VidProposals continuously learns and improves its user experience.

Google Analytics

Located in the United States, Google Analytics is a Data analytics service.

It is an analytics platform that uniquely gives us specific analytics and serves as a good place for understanding where our users are coming from.

It's good to know where our users are finding us so we can promote our product more with those partners and channels or figure out whether there are tangential products that should be introduced to our platform.

Who has access to what within VidProposals?

Our non-technical team members have access to, which allows every person at VidProposals to provide customer support. Over time, this will become more restricted as we scale up the team to only be customer support individuals.

Our technical team can be granted temporary access to our servers, video and thumbnail storage layers. This is only for debugging or development purposes. Each engineer has a unique key that identifies them within our systems. If their key is compromised, we have a quick way of expiring that key, checking if their key was used by an outsider, and processes to remedy such situations and alert the affected user base.

How can I export my data?

You can export all of your video content by downloading each video.

If you have any questions about privacy at VidProposals, we are here to help. Please email us at